Rethinking innovation to the core

®Procodile Q is the first heat-treated reciprocating file with a variably tapered file core. The specific manufacturing process provides Procodile Q with exceptional flexibility and enables an effective preparation even of curved root canals.

Q stands for heat

The new heat-treated Procodile Q file allows you to administer endodontic treatments with much better efficiency. The heat treatment does not only provide the file with prebendability, but also contributes to improved flexibility and better safety for the application. This way you generate optimum results – regardless of the shape of a root canal.

Unique – the variably tapered core

In opposition to conventional files, the Procodile Q features a variably tapered core. This constructive design innovation widens the chip space and makes Procodile Q even hungrier and more adaptable. The removal of infected tissue and debris works with greater effectivity – and therefore guarantees more time-efficient preparations.

Persistent – more safety for patients and operators

The new Procodile Q is way more persistent than competitive file systems. Our internal studies proof that the durability regarding cyclical fatigue is up to 300% higher in comparison to other reciprocating files in the market. This contributes to lower risks of file fractures and consequently improves the safety for patients as well as practitioners.

Flexible throughout the operation

Thanks to the heat treatment, Procodile Q stands out in terms prebendability and flexibility – even in curved root canals. By combining a significantly higher durability with a more efficient removal of debris one thing is for certain: Procodile Q masters eventual challenges with excellence.