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Endodontic treatments are often the last resort to successfully preserve a patient’s natural tooth. Therefore, they belong to the standard repertoire of every general dentist or endodontist. But even though there is a straight forward  principle to follow, each case has its own individual challenges that influence the outcome of the treatment.

As a partner to dental professionals around the world, we help general dentists and endodontists to master every procedure, providing them with the information and instruments that support them in their treatments.

Insight the treatment room

Access cavity, glide paths, mechanical preparation, obturation – when performing an endodontic treatment, there is a standard routine. Nevertheless, all dental experts have their favorite burs and established techniques. With our patient cases covering a wide range of different procedures, you can gain a unique insight into your colleagues’ treatment rooms and learn more about their preferred instrument 

Hands-On Tips

What is the best way to treat a partial pulpotomy? How can calcified canals can be treated? And how can you ensure access to the treatment area if your patients suffer from limited mouth opening? 

We talked to renowed experts in endodontics and collected useful tips that make your next treatment easier – no matter if you are an expert yourself or have just opened your practice.

Patient Case

Case study: Endodontic treatment with Komet’s  FQ File System

With Komet FQ files, general dentists and endodontists facilitate their treatments and reduce preparation times. Read the full story & learn more now!

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