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This is where you see all catalog pages at a glance and where you can navigate straight towards the topics that interest you. You can browse and navigate by simply clicking on the thumbnail views.

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Table of contents:

This is where you find the chapters and subchapters of a brochure or a catalog. Scroll downwards and tap on the chapter that interests you.

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To set a bookmark, just tap on the bookmark symbol at the top of the page. Make a note by tapping on the speech bubble.

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Edit bookmark:

Call up the page you have already marked with a bookmark by going on the thumbnail. Saved bookmarks can then be edited and deleted as required.

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Enter a search item and confirm. Then tap on the preview of the page you wish to go to.

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Backup data:

This is where you can download contents.

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This is where you can share contents with others or send them to yourself.

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This is where you adjust how you wish to view the catalog or the brochure.

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Full screen mode:

Just tap to see the content in full screen mode.