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So fast, so safe, so Smoozie.

Smoozies, our new glue removers.

Every patient looks forward to the moment when his brackets finally come off and he lets his tongue wander across this teeth and at last, everything feels really smooth again. The dentist is pleased if the session goes well and if the patient is happy. Our new Smoozies – purple specialists for glue removal – make sure that this is the case.

Ready, steady, Smoozie.

Our new Smoozies work in just two steps. After the removal of the brackets, the Smoozie made of tungsten carbide is first in line. This glue remover rubs off most of the glue quickly and effectively. This is followed by the second Smoozie, the glue eraser. The job of this specialist is to gently remove any last traces of glue from the tooth without damaging the enamel underneath. The natural tooth structure remains intact.

Gentleness times two: The Smoozie Set.

The new set of Smoozie glue removers for the safe and quick removal of glue covers all steps from A to Z. Clearly arranged in a stainless steel bur block, this set ensures a professional treatment flow and perfect results every time.

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