Art2 polishers: Unique shine in just 2 steps.
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Finishing and polishing – and you’re done.

Art2 polishers: Unique shine in just 2 steps.

All team members at the dental practice are under constant time pressure. Every work step has to be spot-on, time is precious and must not be wasted, the countdown to the next job has already started before the last one is done. Although necessary, some work steps are perceived as particularly annoying because they are so tedious and time consuming – for example polishing.

The choice of polishers is huge, and it is often difficult to define the perfect solution at a glance. This is where Komet comes in: with Art2, a two-step polishing system that makes your daily routine easier and more effective. A perfect polishing result in just two steps – whatever the application, whatever the material.

Art2 Themenwelt Visual

Your navigator for daily polishing.

For unbeatable simplicity, we have developed a guideline to clearly show you at a glance which Art2 team is used for which task. Just one click is enough to access all the information you need on Art2.

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