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Lamellae that bring out the best in each other.

A perfect team: two-step polishing spirals for all-ceramic restoration

Do you know Curling? A strange, but inspiring game where players have to slide heavy stones across a sheet of ice towards a goal. During the game, two members of the team, the so-called sweepers, polish the ice to a smooth surface to make sure that the stone slides across the ice with perfect ease. The success of the team largely depends on the efforts of the sweepers, they have to cooperate in perfect harmony. Just like the lamellae of our two-step polishers.

A very smooth surface is a decisive factor for the success of dental restorations because it minimizes the abrasion at the antagonist. This is where our two-step polishers come into play: They are a perfectly matched team where each member knows exactly what to do.

The polishers are provided with several lamellae that support and stabilize each other during rotation. As a result, they remain flexible while their service life is extended. Able to adapt to almost any anatomic surface, these polishers polish occlusal, labial, buccal and interproximal areas to a high gloss in no time at all. A beautiful shine is already achieved after the first polishing step (blue) which is then topped by the high-gloss finished obtained during the second step (gray).

In short, our new polishers for all-ceramic and zirconium oxide restorations allow you to score points where winning is important every day: in the dental laboratory.

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