All in one set, step by step: The new splint set 4676A.

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Splint set reloaded: Now with
an extra fine acrylic cutter.

All in one set, step by step: The new splint set 4676A.

Traditional bite splints are an integral part of the daily work at the dental laboratory. Bite splints are usually created in the laboratory or at the dental practice, either digitally or according to a deep-drawing method. So far, so good. But during fast, thorough work you might experience a little “crunching“ every now and then.

What cutters do I need? How do I use them and in what order? These questions and many more are answered by the new splint set 4676A. This new set only focuses on those instruments that are actually needed for creating bite guards and bite splints. Easily manageable and clearly structured, the set 4676A covers all indications from the creation of new splints to small corrections and adaptions.

The highlight of the set is the new acrylic cutter that perfectly complements the splint set 4676A. Thanks to its particularly thin working part, it facilitates much finer, more precise work. Rework of the splint edges can be reduced to a minimum.

The well thought-out set only contains seven tools required for trimming and polishing – all you need to complete your work in record time. What could be easier?

Abbildung des Schienensets 4676A von Komet Dental.

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