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The masterminds.
Dr. Ahlers and Prof. Edelhoff develop the Perfect Veneer Preparation Set.

Perfect Veneer Preparations. It does not always have to be a crown.

At the last IDS, Komet presented the Occlusion Onlay Set 4665/ST. Developed in cooperation with external lecturer Dr. Ahlers and Prof. Edelhoff, this innovative set turned out to be exactly what the dental world had been waiting for. The set was a huge success, the instruments it contains instantly became an indispensable aid in many dental practices and the training seminars held by the two initiators of the set proved to be immensely popular.

Now, right on schedule for the IDS 2019, the time has come for the second part of the success story. Whereas two years ago, the spotlight was on occlusal inlays for molars and premolars, this time the successful concept will be applied to front teeth.

Innovators and creative minds

Never change a winning team.
Dr. Ahlers, Prof. Edelhoff and Komet.

As the name suggests: The new Perfect Veneer Preparations Set developed in cooperation with the visionaries Ahlers/Edelhoff guarantees perfect restorations with veneers that meet even the highest expectations – sturdy, durable and of extremely attractive appearance.

Ceramic veneers can be a contemporary substitute for traditional crowns because they are by far less invasive. Do you want to find out more? Stay tuned!

Watch this space for more information!

Our recommendation for back teeth:

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