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A crowning without crown.

We’ve done everything right: Komet in cooperation with Private Lecturer Dr. M. Oliver Ahlers and Prof. Dr. Edelhoff.

The successful cooperation between Komet, Private Lecturer. Dr. Ahlers and Prof. Edelhoff sets a new standard in occlusal onlays.

Minimally invasive restorations require less invasive preparation methods and reduce trauma during grinding and incorporation. In case of defects that mainly concern the occlusal surface (carious teeth, damage caused by bruxism or bio-corrosion), minimally invasive restorations in the shape of occlusal onlays – also known as occlusal veneers or “Table Tops” – can be used as an alternative to crowning or the restoration of the occlusion.

The occlusal onlay set.

The occlusal onlay set 4665/ST impresses with its well thought-out composition of relevant instruments: The instrument 855D with depth marks takes care of the initial preparation, whereas the so-called OccluShapers create rounded contours as well as prepare the central fissure region to a concave and finish the zone of the former cusps to a convex shape. Provided with a guide pin, the instrument 8849P with predefined cutting depth is in charge of the preparation of the oro-vestibular surface to ensure sufficiently stable lateral surfaces of the occlusal onlay.

The perfect complement for treatments to the front tooth region:
The Perfect Veneer Preparations Set. null

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