Komet Dental Katalog 2017, ES/PT Kalma

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Dental Surgery, Laboratory


Access cavity, Acrylics, Adhesive remover, Aluminium bur blocks, Amalgam remover, Approximalflächen, Arkansas abrasives/White stones, Auxiliaries, BKS, Bone preparation, Brushes, Brushes/Paste/Mandrels, Bur blocks, Burs, Burs/Cutters, Burs/Finishing instruments, Cavity preparation, CeraBur, CeraFusion, Ceramic cutters, Ceramics, CeraTip, Cleaning and disinfection, Composite, Composite remover, Cone cutters, Crown cutter for all-ceramics, Crown preparation, Crown remover, Cutters, Cutters made of synthetic material, Cutters with internal cooling, DC1, DCB-abrasives, DentinPost, Diamond, Diamond abrasives, Diamond discs, Diamond grinding and polishing instruments, Diamond strips, Discs, Endodontics, Equipment, ER CeraPost, ER Instrument tray, ER instruments, ER instruments short, ER One-piece-cast/Cast-on, ER posts short, ER system, ER Titanium, Files for reciprocating handpiece, Finierscheiben, Finishing instruments, FO/PCR Pins, Implant prophylaxis, Implant prophylaxis EM1, Implant prophylaxis KA1, Implant prophylaxis SI1, Instrument sets/Auxiliaries, Instruments for laboratory turbine, Instruments for left-handed operators, Instruments for micropreparation, Intraoral work on titanium, LC1, Mandrels, Manual preparation, Mechanical preparation, Metal, Micro/Bevel, Obturation, Opening of fissures, OptiPost, Osccillating segment discs, Other sets, Packages, Parallel cutters, Periimplantitis, Periodontics, Periodontics EM1, Periodontics KA1, Periodontics SI1, Pilot burs, Polishers, Polishers and brushes, PolyBur®, Preparation instruments, PrepMarker, Prophylaxis, Proximal cavity preparation, Q-Finishers, RepairPost, Root planer, Scaler, Scaler EM1, Scaler KA1, Scaler SI1, Scaling, Separating discs, Separating strip, Sintered diamonds, Sinus lift, Sonic tips, Special instruments/Accessories, Stainless steel bur blocks, Steel, Stripping/Shaping, Surgery, Surgical crown extension, Trepan burs, Tribune-like bur blocks, Tungsten Carbide, Twist drill, Universal polishers, Vario, Veneer technique, Wax cutters, Work on fillings, Work on soft tissue, ZR-Diamonds for all-ceramics