Komet Dental 目录 2014, ZH|EN

General information


Dental Surgery, Laboratory


Access cavity, Acrylics, Adhesive remover, All-ceramic, Aluminium bur blocks, Amalgam remover, Arkansas abrasives/White stones, Auxiliaries, Auxiliaries EM1, Auxiliaries KA1, Auxiliaries KA2, Auxiliaries SI1, BKS, Bone preparation, Brushes, Brushes/Mandrels, Brushes/Paste/Mandrels, Bur blocks, Burs, Burs/Cutters, Burs/Finishing instruments, Cavity preparation, CeraBur, Ceramic cutters, Ceramics, CeraTip, Composite, Composite remover, Cone cutters, Crown cutter for all-ceramics, Crown preparation, Crown remover, Cutters, Cutters made of synthetic material, Cutters with internal cooling, DC1, DCB-abrasives, DentinPost, Diamond, Diamond abrasives, Diamond discs, Diamond grinding and polishing instruments, Diamond strips, Discs, Endodontics, Equipment, ER CeraPost, ER Instrument tray, ER One-piece-cast/Cast-on, ER system, ER Titanium, Finierscheiben, Finishing instruments, FO/PCR Pins, Implant prophylaxis, Implant prophylaxis EM1, Implant prophylaxis KA1, Implant prophylaxis KA2, Implant prophylaxis SI1, Instruments for laboratory turbine, Instruments for left-handed operators, Instruments for micropreparation, Intraoral work on titanium, LC1, Mandrels, Manual preparation, Mechanical preparation, Metal, Obturation, Opening of fissures, OptiPost, Osccillating segment discs, Other sets, Packages, Parallel cutters, Periodontics, Periodontics EM1, Periodontics KA1, Periodontics KA2, Periodontics SI1, Pilot burs, Polishers, PolyBur®, Preparation instruments, Prophylaxis, Proximal cavity preparation, Q-Finishers, RepairPost, Root planer, Scaler EM1, Scaler KA1, Scaler KA2, Scaler SI1, Separating discs, Separating strip, Sintered diamonds, Sinus lift, Special instruments/Accessories, Stainless steel bur blocks, Stripping/Shaping, Surgery, Surgical crown extension, TMC Extrusion, Trepan burs, Tribune-like bur blocks, Tungsten Carbide, Universal polishers, Vario, Veneer technique, Wax cutters, Work on fillings, Work on soft tissue, ZR-Diamonds for all-ceramics